Declaration-Forum 2019

As the representatives of the living old town cities dating back to history we bring the following text to the public attention.

  • We want to create permanent ties by bringing the living ancient cities together;
  • We want to introduce and learn about living Old Town;
  • We want to set common goals with the participating Old Towns;
  • We want to share our experience in solving problems;
  • We want to find ways to overcome budget problems in Old Town;
  • We want to cooperate on financial resources and investments;
  • We want to discuss the occasional confusion of authority in the living ancient cities;
  • We want to experience the returns of public-local-civil associations;
  • We want to find solutions to the expropriation problems within the SITE AREAS;
  • We would like to share the experience and mastership of restoration;
  • We want to contribute to the compilation of intangible heritage, and reach them to large masses;
  • We want to make common activities and cultural exchanges between the living ancient cities;
  • We want to share knowledge and experience in the solution of all kinds of administrative problems;
  • We want to be in constant communication with a magazine and web page for social awareness and cooperation.

First of all, we are looking for a ‘sentence’ including future targets that the Old Towns will meet in the common ground. As we go to that sentence, we want to determine the quality and with whom we  will do that.

On our long journey, we are excitedly saying without any tiredness that “our greatest wealth is our historical and cultural heritage”.

We must definitely build a bridge between ‘old’ and ‘new’. These cities belong to our children. We have to transfer the right information to new generations by connecting with consciousness.

We want to be in the meticulousness of human-oriented project, knowledge-oriented design, analysis-oriented planning, experiment-oriented business.

We say, “In the wrong cities, children cannot learn and grow up correctly!” We will resist the selfish desires of people on nature.

“Respect to air, water, tree and all creatures” will never be off our agenda.

We believe that urban problems and inadaptability due to increasing population of big cities are based on the constant decline in the standards of living, open and hidden unemployment, injustice income distribution and increasing social polarization.

We never accept the cities to be devoid of aesthetics, meaning, spirit, their own history and memory, in short, become identityless.

The necessity of being included in the World Heritage List must be internalized as a doctrine in order to avoid the same vulnerability for living cities. We will prioritize the sharing of experiences to overcome the relevant problems.

We will be in an endeavour of a culture priority future. We will be attentive to strengthen the concept of “protection”  for living ancient cities with “maintenance and development”.

We will respect and care for the historical heritage while functionalizing the restored cultural assets. We aim to develop tourism in a ‘sustainable’ quality without harming cultural and natural values ​​along with historical heritage.

We are determined to develop and adopt the issues in this declaration and the new ones.

Best Regards