A Festival in Kaleiçi… International Kaleiçi Old Town Festival. A synthesis that combines the traces of yesterday with today's excitement. "Life in History", "Art and Culture in History" ... That is the name of the excitement that will take place on 5-8th of May 2016 in Kaleiçi, Antalya.

This will be a long-term break in the small ancient port city; old houses, chirpy shops, unforgettable memories consisting of Mediterranean and Anatolian delicacies. Antalya's most valuable starting point for experiencing the history intertwined with daily life. Where Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk's and Ottoman’s legacy protected.

The artistic and cultural events of all kinds are together, and everyone can join this festival of creative-producing features are developed... The festival has great importance in terms of national and international social relations. International Kaleiçi Old Town Festival will be the joy of life in Kaleiçi.

The festival will represent an example of public and non-public association’s cooperation and as well as the voluntary contributions of local people living in Kaleiçi.  Many old towns from all over the world, including Turkish cities, are invited to the festival.

Feasts and festivals are the living, sharing and solidarity fields of community that brings together all sections of the society. International Kaleiçi Old Town Festival will be a source of enthusiasm and solidarity...

Join this festival to bring culture and the arts, history and tourism together.

Mayor of Muratpaşa

Festival Website: www.kaleicioldtown.com/festival2016