Tradition Foods

In this region grows 43 varieties of fruits and vegetables. Therefore, during the meals and desserts diversity has not seen in other regions.

Soups, stews, salads, pastries, sweets, a few of the jam are as follows.

Soups :

Mas Soup : the region is unique in a soup made from mung beans a plant product. The mung Bean is in the small green balls. The mung beans are separated from the outer shell thoroughly dried in the sun. Adjusted by the amount of mung soup pot is left to be done and putting boiling water. Slight swelling Mas filtered and taken with warm water. Grated onion, two cloves of garlic, red pepper, tomato paste is poured into boiling mung's enough salt and butter and mix. Butter the pan exasperated service is offered by pouring the soup.

Hülüklü Soup : Dark, made from tripe of animals like goats. Onion and lemon to get the smell of tripe rubbed and washed. Unlanarak each side and allowed to stand for a while into the pot. Medium-fat ground beef, pepper, tomatoes, mixed with olive oil. Molded material made small balls. Colloquially called the name of the soup because Hulusi these balls are called in this way. Previously soaked chickpeas and rice, tripe thoroughly mixed. Water, tereyeg, salt, tomato paste, chickpeas and red pepper rice is poured slowly after diagnosis. Is left in the heavy fire and mint, lemon service is offered.

Meals :

Kapama: Corn flour is a type of local dishes and fresh precipitate consisting of oil. The cooked rice. There are peas in rice alone. Rice is cooked in a frying pan. Put meat in the middle of the ceiling. Closed-top dough. Placed on light burning fire and left to cook.

Alafasi: Alafaş is a dish made from natural herbs. Made from crops such as in-mallow İliba. Finely chopped herbs, wheat, rice, olive oil, red pepper, tomato paste, onion, salt and leave to cook, adding water.

Goleviz: potato-like tubers, which are made from deep-rooted native plants Gölevi. Gölevi outer shell as root is peeled baking potatoes, dinner is done. Succulent, juicy meal can be made as edible done by pouring the sauce over roast. Gölevi parts minced with onion, tomato, red pepper, salt and cooked previously soaked chickpeas. Squeezed lemon to cook and eat near the service is offered.


Helva: Old Antalya cuisine is one of the most important sweet. The main ingredients of flour, oil, sugar is being barber varieties. Sometimes instead of semolina, starch, sugar instead of honey, molasses or sugar powder can be made. Not only is the main material of the home kitchen, especially some candy gets a special place in the lives of Old Antalya.

Keten Helva: Basically a large tray on both wrists thick viscous hot sugar part is spread all around. Screened in the middle of a ring network that brought treacherous poured flour, candy they turn to craftsmen who know the sini to sink to sink viscous sugar flour were followed. Plied to the network in this process, and separated from each other network, such as flax fibers. Construction is similar to pişmaniye. Flax was one of halva deal of fun to Antalya as night.

Jams :

Antalya has a reputation with fruit jams. Antalya housewives, there are habits that do not serve desserts themselves. Their desserts are often beautifully colored bowls on a silver tray and they offer you putting. Usually, he presented two kinds of jam to guests. The use of the right to choose where the guest was one of them. We can give as an example the description of a few of them said.

Turunç Jam : thick with grated orange rind, peeled oranges into slices like soy. Inner bark is peeled off and placed in a twisted rope. A few days is kept changing the water in the morning and evening. This waiting is carried out in cold water. The purpose of soaking is the reduction of the shell of pain. Three days later, orange peel, taking water, boiled in a pot. Three days later, orange peel, taking water, boiled in a pot. Boiling is complete, water is thoroughly filtered. Consistency boiled shells on 10 whole orange in half a glass of water and a kilo of sugar. Light the fire in an amount of cooked, put the jar cools.

Bergamot Jam : Bergamot, a citrus fruit jam made from the property in Antalya. Bergamot orange jam jam is prepared as the same.

Bergamot Powder : While jam Bergamot bergamot shells grated in a very light way. Render outer shell is now deposited in the form of a flat surface and spread the puree to the back to get the sun dried the moisture in one place. After one or two teaspoons of tea into the pot while at home bergamot powder topic. Tea candy in an aromatic taste and odor peculiar to that region of Antalya in Antalya, this powder is sold in shops.