The festival starts with a magnificent gala
The opening gala of the International Kaleiçi Old Town Festival, organized for the 8th time this year by Muratpaşa Municipality in Antalya, took place at Türkan Şoray Cultural Center.
The gala was hosted by Mayor Ümit Uysal and his wife Ümran Uysal. TRNC Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Tourism, Culture, Youth and Environment Fikri Ataoğlu and Antalya Governor Hulusi Şahin, as well as delegations from 40 foreign cities and Antalya guests who came to Antalya for the festival. Many names from the world of business, art and politics attended.

At the night, Mayor Ümit Uysal said that with the festival held for the 8th time this year, a tourism movement has developed with cities that are on the UNESCO World Heritage list and also have very qualified ancient cities. Stating that Kaleiçi has become open 24 hours a day, 12 months a week, constantly producing jobs and food, Mayor Uysal said:

“We now have an ancient city that produces culture and engages in tourism. These relationships continue throughout the year. We meet like this once a year. Another great festival. This year, we integrated our festival with the 100th anniversary of our Republic. We will now explain the values of our Republic to them. What did the Republic bring to the world? Is the Republic of Turkey similar to any other republic in the world or not, what have we changed? We will share them too.”


Governor Şahin stated that they are responsible for preserving the historical and cultural heritage and leaving it to the future and said, “Various conservation and restoration works are being carried out to fulfill this responsibility. At this festival, we will have the opportunity to find the best methods by sharing them with each other. "I would like to thank Mayor Ümit Uysal and the guests for providing us with this opportunity," he said.

TRNC Deputy Prime Minister and Minister Ataoğlu stated that with the meeting of cultures, the past moves into the future and thanked Uysal for his work.


Yeliz Gül Ege, President of Antalya Promotion Foundation (ATAV), who was among the guests of the gala, stated that Kaleiçi is the apple of Antalya and said, “The festival was a very good idea that included tourists and local people. "He grew up very well," he said. Journalist, writer and documentarian Tuluhan Tekelioğlu said, "There is a Mediterranean spirit and solidarity here."

Filippo Gasperi, Mayor of Gradara, Italy, one of the guest cities of the festival, said, "The number of people we communicate with increases every time we come," while Dietmar Spath, Mayor of Baden Baden, Germany, said that he was very happy to be in Kaleiçi, Antalya.


The International Kaleiçi Old Town Festival, organized by Muratpaşa Municipality for the 8th time this year, will end on October 29. During the festival, 103 events will be organized in 33 different locations on the streets and squares of the ancient city.